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Breakthrough Learning is a charity working with children and adults to develop their learning and thinking skills, helping them to succeed in the rapidly changing 21st century.

The charity teaches people how to control their own thinking and emotions to become more effective learners, equipping them with the cognitive skills they need to engage more successfully within society, regardless of their intellectual starting point. With more effective thinking and emotional skills, individuals can achieve greater independence, better social integration, improved mental health and greater success in their work and social lives.

In the 21st century, we have ever-increasing amounts of knowledge at our fingertips. ‘What you know’ is becoming less important, information as literally at the tips of your fingers…. But ‘what we do with the information’ is crucial. Having the cognitive tools - the thinking and emotional skills - to analyse it, select what’s relevant and accurate, construct appropriate responses and communicate those responses effectively, these are the tools we all need to be equipped with to succeed in the 21st Century, and that’s what Breakthrough Learning teaches.

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