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Lourdes Mission Statement:

To grow the pilgrimage so that it becomes truly representative and inclusive of the whole diocesan family

To ensure the future of the pilgrimage by developing the charism of Lourdes in the next generation
To maintain the Lourdes tradition of having the sick, the poor, the frail elderly and those with disabilities at the heart of the pilgrimage.

Please support those who participate in the Diocesan Pilgrimage in any way you can. 

A Red Cap youth volunteer who received a small amount of fundraising a few years ago said:

"...the week was amazing my two stand-out highlights were the Mass at Cité Saint Pierre and the Penitential Service. The Vigils are very powerful and the malades really inspire you. The smile on one of my malades faces was the same reaction when I saw her and met her parents.

One particular service the healing of the sick was very emotional for all us Red Caps. Many like me who had been before knew one of the malades before they became sick and when I found out that he had not been well and to see the change in him back then made me sad, however, when speaking with the sick their fighting spirit and living each day as it comes is true inspiration. I believe many of the malades I have met in Lourdes are some of the most inspirational people I have met and will ever meet."

LATEST UPDATE!   A warm invitation to participants from Lourdes Pilgrimage Director Father Dennis Touw and general details online for a virtual pilgrimage can be viewed by clicking this link for the Westminster RC Diocese Lourdes Pilgrimage 2020.


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