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Kit Tarka Foundation is a small yet ambitious charity with a mission to prevent newborn baby deaths through research and education. Our initial focus is on neonatal herpes (the cold sore virus in babies) but we expect to expand our activity to other causes of newborn mortality in future years. 

Neonatal herpes is thought to be the cause of death for one baby every week in the UK  but awareness is very low so it often goes undiagnosed and untreated with tragic consequences. We work to achieve our mission through funding relevant research and developing training and education programmes for medical professionals and the general public. 

Sarah and James de Malplaquet founded the charity after the death of their son Kit in 2017 to neonatal herpes. After he died Sarah set out to learn as much as she could about this devastating disease. She was astonished by the lack of awareness amongst the general public and, most disturbingly, by the huge gaps in knowledge of symptoms and best practice in the UK medical profession. It soon became clear that Kit’s death had been preventable and that the lack of knowledge around the transmission, recognition and treatment of the virus had led to his tragic and untimely death. After contacting several charities to see if they could facilitate long overdue research into neonatal herpes but being told it was not within the scope of any of them, Sarah and James decided they needed to establish their own charity to help prevent more tragedies like Kit's. Kit Tarka Foundation was founded in early 2018. 

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