CIS'ters - Surviving Rape And Sexual Abuse

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CIS'ters - Surviving Rape and/or Sexual Abuse.We are a registered charity set up in 1995. A peer group of women aged 18+ who, as female children, were raped and/or sexually abused by a member of their immediate and/or extended family.

Since being set up we have reached out to 100s of victim/survivors of the cruelest of crimes ie sexual abuse within the very place that a child should feel safest ie their home. Sexual abuse does not happen in isolation. More often than not there are multiple adverse childhood experiences that were also present, creating vulnerabilities both within and outside of the home. Breaking the Silence is not easy, it takes courage and it takes time. Please support our cause and empower survivors to reach out to not only the victims of yesterday; but also to help us raise awareness of the existence of this crime and how to improve safeguarding.

The majority of our very small team of workers (paid and unpaid) are survivors BUT we also have non survivors who believe that it is important to support our campaign to raise awareness of both the prevalance of sexual abuse and also the long term impact it may have on the child victim/adult survivor.

Please donate to support our cause which we feel passionately about. We need YOUR help to keep our service going.

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