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Forgotten Feet was set up to create a network of free footcare throughout the U.K. to help the homeless, socially isolated and vulnerable. The service is aimed at those who ordinarily don’t have the means to access footcare. It’s run by kind, qualified professionals , who help alleviate pain and suffering in the lower limb and foot. Wherever possible we issue new or clean socks, and footwear. In addition we and listen to people’s stories, and help engage them with other healthcare professionals .

There are now many clinics covering the U.K including Northern Ireland which rely entirely on podiatrists and FHPs giving up their time and expertise to help the poorest in our society. We treat all sorts of conditions including but not exclusively; hard skin and calluses, corns, fungal and bacterial skin and nails, long thickened nail due to self neglect, wounds, blisters, ulcers, macerated foot conditions due to wet footwear. Dry socks and properly fitting footwear are key to helping with many foot related problems, especially desperate in the winter months. People often can’t remove wet footwear for fear of it being taken and may keep soaking shoes and socks on for months.

In order to maintain this vital service we rely totally on donated supplies and funds, all of which goes directly to help those suffering. 

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