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The OPA helps to improve survival and quality of life for patients, carers and families suffering from Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer by providing advice and support throughout the journey. 

The OPA works in two main areas, awareness and support:

1) We try to make people aware that certain symptoms should not be dismissed as just the effect of age or an unhealthy diet, but should prompt a visit to a doctor.  Many lives could be saved, and much suffering avoided, if people made an appointment with their GP after a few weeks of symptoms. 

2) We also support patients and carers through our telephone helpline, by providing information on our website and in our series of booklets, and through our patient support groups:

a) We provide telephone support to over 2,000 callers every year

b) Our booklets, which are endorsed by medical experts, are sent free of charge to anyone who asks for them and to clinical staff at NHS hospitals, Maggie’s Centres and Macmillan Centres

c) Our support groups, run by volunteers, provide an opportunity for patients and carers to meet one another and discuss their experiences as well as to listen to guest speakers, such as surgeons or dieticians.  These meetings help patients come to terms with their condition before and after their treatment

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