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The Tottenham Refugee Alliance is crowdfunding to resettle a refugee family in the UK.  We have until 17th March 2019 to raise our goal of £9,000. 

The brutal and horrifying civil war in Syria has led more than 5 million people to flee the country. Children alone make up half of those affected. This is the largest displacement crisis in our time and in refugee camps conditions are hard, there is malnutrition and disease due to poor sanitation, child labour, and little to no opportunity for education.

We can do something about this.  The Tottenham Refugee Alliance is a community sponsorship scheme promoted by Citizens UK.  In order to get Home Office approval we need a minimum of £9,000 to provide accommodation, subsistence and English language tuition for a refugee family.  Any money raised over that sum will be used to furnish and improve the family’s accommodation. £10 could help us to buy toys for the children or basic kitchen utensils, £20 - £30 would allow us to buy new outfits for the children (they will arrive with next to nothing), £50 would help us to buy clothing for the adults, £50-£100 would help us to buy furniture and soft furnishings.

We have already raised nearly £4000, so we are very nearly there! All donations, large and small are very gratefully received – so thank you! And don’t forget to indicate if you are eligible for gift aid.

We are a unique movement because there are no admin costs, volunteers give their time for free so all funds donated will be spent on the family.

This is a huge task but – more importantly, it’s a special one because if we reach our target we will be providing a new future to one family’s life. 

Find out more about us and the Syrian Vulnerable Person Re-settlement Scheme at and follow us on Twitter at @tottrefugees  


 You can find out more about the community sponsorship of refugees here: and here:

Please note that all donations will be paid to an account operated by St Ignatius Church, Stamford Hill on behalf of the Tottenham Refugee Alliance. St. Ignatius is a registered charity, charity no: 233699.

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