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Formed in 1996 Healing Hands Network is a UK based self funding charity that offers Complementary Therapies to those affected by war and its aftermath. We began working in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the wake of the war and genocide across the Balkans. We work in Sarajevo with the survivors or the war, concentration and sexual abuse/rape camps, torture, ballistic injuries and loss of many family members and who witnessed atrocities. We are there between May and October each year, our volunteers professional therapists fundraise £850 to cover the cost of their 2 weeks tour of duty giving up to 70 treatments to those still struggling and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We also work in the UK with veterans and families of the combined armed forces who are affected by war and combat and who are struggling with PTSD. We collaborate with other organisations such as Royal British Legion, Combat Stress, Stoll Foundation, Fabcamps, West London Missions.

We also work with BosniaUK Birmingham who are refugees who fled and came to UK under an evacuation programme in the 1990's, and also with Remembering Srebrenica who work tirelessly to keep the memory alive and try to reduce religious and racial hatred in the hope that genocides and ethnic clensing such as was seen will never hppen again.

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