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Founded in the memory of Aura, who tragically lost her life at the age of 23 in a plane crash over the Romania Western Carpathians Mountains on January 21st 2014. Aura aspired to become a doctor, a medical student whom died while volunteering during a liver transplant operation flight. Inspired by her desire to change the world, her sister Mariana setup the charity in 2015 bearing her name to continue Aura’s dedicated passion for helping others in the hope we act as a catalyst for uniting people to become leaders in service to humanity and inspire others in her memory. 



Objectives and activities

The Aura Ion Foundation mission is to continue Aura’s dedicated passion for helping communities and supporting young people with their educational requirements, acting as a catalyst for inspiring others to foster collaboration to work towards every child having the best possible education start in life. Our purpose is to provide these young people with the essential educational items that will enable students and teachers to focus on what’s important: knowledge and skills necessary for improving their lives and their communities so creating a sustainable future out of poverty.


Our strategy is to focus on building stronger community engagement to support students and teachers, within that to focus on specific areas where we are uniquely placed to make the biggest impact: addressing the grassroot core symptom of deprivation in the education systems of children, the lack of educational supplies and their educational environment.


As a charity we approach this strategy through several targeted educational projects. We firstly address the grassroot cause via the project ‘Vision In A Backpack’ by supplying children facing disadvantage with fully equipped school backpacks, filled with high quality stationery and learning materials that will enable a child to express themselves and above all learn. 


Secondly via the project ‘Aura’s essentials’, families are unable to afford an array of essential personal care and sanitary products, these basic items effect on the education, health and general quality of life of the children attending school.  With extremely limited funds to cover the cost of everyday essentials, families are being forced to choose between buying food or personal hygiene, so we support with such items precisely where it is needed taking these concerns away from attending school.


Finally, via our educational infrastructure project ‘Aura’s Collaboration Space’ improving the quality of school facilities, the physical and emotional health of students and teachers depend on the quality of the school, equipment and facilities, which makes establishing safe, healthy school building essential.


These three projects specifically build upon each other in succession creating the foundation to our purpose to give every child the best possible educational start in life.


The Aura Ion Foundation works alongside communities to end distress, hunger and poverty in Romania and the United Kingdom. 



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