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Medical Needs Project

Medical Needs Project

This project provides much needed medical support for the special needs children of New Hope Uganda. These children are known as the 'Treasures in Jars of Clay' class.
Here are a few of the children who will benefit from your help :
"S"Has severe brain damage, infantile spasms and reflux.Medication : Baclofen, Esomeprazole and Ranitidine.
"V"Has global developmental delay, Epilepsy and Asthma.Medication:Carbamazapine, Epilim and Beclate (steroid inhailer)
"H"Has Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy Reflux also requires feeding via a PEG-Tube.
Medication : Carbamazapine, Phenobarbital,
Acetozolomide, Movicol, and Hyoscine patches.

Without your help these children and others like them will go without their much needed treatment.
Our aim is to cover the monthly costs of these medicines.

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