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Trinity Methodist Church,Sarum Hill
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The Basingstoke Foodbank provides emergency food and support to local people in the Basingstoke and Tadley areas who are in crisis and in danger of going hungry.

Many Foodbank clients are low income families hit by a crisis that is not their fault, such as redundancy, reduced working hours or something as seemingly small as an unexpected bill. Others are victims of domestic violence, people experiencing benefit delay or facing debt problems or those hit by illness.

Foodbanks are an emergency food service.  We receive and store food donated by individuals, church groups and local businesses and we give out food parcels, in exchange for vouchers issued by 3rd party agencies, who we partner with, who have issued them to their clients as they have judged that they are in crisis.  To prevent dependency on Foodbanks, clients are entitled to up to three consecutive Foodbank vouchers.

To help clients break out of poverty, we signpost clients to local organisations who are able to resolve the underlying problem.   We have also arranged for a Citizens Advice expert to have a presence in our centres, so we can offer instant expert help and guidance to clients when they are their lowest ebb.

Foodbanks make time for people. Volunteers are trained to provide a sympathetic listening ear over a cup of tea and biscuits; sometimes this small act of kindness makes the biggest difference.

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