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Charity is a beautiful thing. We should know – donations have given hundreds of kids at Happy Homes Orphanage access to education, welfare, and training. They’ve helped the local community create tens of businesses. And they’ve made sure none of the children under our care go hungry or thirsty.


But charity can only do so much. As long as the root causes of need remain, it’s only a temporary fix. That’s why at Happy Homes Kenya Trust, every penny we receive goes towards making donations redundant. Making the community we care for self-sustainable. And making a change that lasts for generations to come.

Our Mission

Making Happy Homes Orphanage self-sustainable helps us create lasting change. If we spend £500 on food for the children, it will last a month. If we spend £500 on the education a Happy Homer needs to become a farmer, it will last a lifetime.

 So while we currently do provide funds for immediate needs like food, water, staff and bills, our ultimate aim is to make those donations unnecessary through training and business investment – two things which the children would otherwise never have access to.

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