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Don't just take our word for it - here's what our parents and riders have to say about Pegasus!

Esme’s confidence has grown since attending RDA, she is so excited before each session! She loves spending time at the stables and riding, she finds the horses very calming and therapeutic. As a family we enjoy watching her ride and seeing her make friends and connect with the coaches. The opportunity to ride regularly as part if this group and its friendly inclusive nature has been a huge boost to Esme’s self-esteem.

Our foster child has complex needs, is autistic and non verbal, and finds it difficult to access many leisure activities. She is not able to take part in most main stream organised leisure activities. It has been a delight to see the transformation in her since she has been involved in the RDA lessons. She was initially very aggressive and unsettled when she started. She would kick the horses and cause mayhem. However, with the kindness, patience and dedication of the volunteers the change in her behaviour and skills has been amazing.

James loves his riding lessons! He’s only been riding a few months, but took to it immediately. Due to his low muscle tone and the impact of a series of strokes, he wouldn’t be able to cope with mainstream lessons, as he needs a lot of support when riding to ensure he doesn’t fall off. The staff and volunteers at Pegasus RDA are wonderful, James is fully included and feels safe on the horses. Riding is a fantastic opportunity for James to socialise and build up core muscle strength and confidence. Thanks to all involved!

I love the staff there because they’re really nice and make you feel like you can do it. Now I’ve got more confident I’ve even steered a horse without anyone holding me. On the first day I got really scared but I’m not scared of it anymore.

Since Ella joined Pegasus she has made unbelievable progress from not being able to sit unsupported to now being able to sit with very minimal help.. Horse riding has really contributed to her posture, Ella loves riding her smile is amazing when she’s on the pony. I can’t thank the volunteers enough for giving up their own time. Hopefully Ella can continue with making progress with all your help and her determination

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