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In memory of Helen Bacon

Helen at the RDA Gala Dinner

On 23rd February 2020 we lost our wonderful Trustee and Coach Helen Bacon as a result of liver failure due to metastatic breast cancer.  

Helen was the driving force behind Pegasus RDA, setting up the group in 2017 and undertaking the roles of Trustee, Treasurer and Coach. Just two months before the Group opened, Helen was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Helen was completely committed to RDA and her diagnosis did not impact her enthusiasm and dedication. We all marvelled at her resilience and strength especially over the past few years when she tackled every difficulty with a positive attitude, determination and a warm smile.

In 2018 we nominated Helen for the RDA National Volunteer of the Year award. This is an award presented by the National RDA Organisation for someone who has gone above and beyond expectations in their volunteer role. Over 50 people were nominated, and Helen of course won!  This was completely unexpected by Helen and even when receiving her award from Clare Balding at the Gala Dinner, Helen really didn't think she was deserving, even though it was plain to see from everyone else eyes that she absolutely was. 

Helen’s love and dedication for RDA continues now, we are honoured that Helen has asked for donations to Pegasus RDA in her memory. This lasting gesture and all of your kindness will enable Pegasus to continue to provide therapy, enjoyment, and achievement to our riders, their families and our amazing volunteer family. Just as Helen wanted.

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