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ICP Support is the only UK-based charity raising awareness of a liver condition of pregnancy called intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP). 

ICP is the most common liver condition specific to pregnancy and affects around 5,500 in the UK every year.  Its main symptom is itching which although is typically on hands and feet can be anywhere on the body. It is usually worse at night meaning that women with ICP can't sleep and sometimes the itch can be so severe that some women have reported feeling suicidal. In some cases the condition can also cause stillbirth.

We support thousands of women affected by the condition by providing them with the most up-to-date information on ICP and sharing with them how to make sure they can safeguard their baby.  We support their famiies too because ICP doesn't just affect women - it has a huge impact on all the family as they often feel that there is nothing they can do to help. They also have the worry of something happening to the baby. We can support them to cope with this fear as well as sharing with them how they can help the mum-to-be.

ICP is also now known to have a longer lasting impact as research shows that both the women who have the condition and their children have a greater chance of developing liver disease (such as gallstones), and an increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes in later life.

We therefore also promote and fund research into ICP. This is vital because we not only need to help scientists to learn how to reduce the effects of the longer term impact of ICP but we also want to fund helping them to find better drug treatments for the condition; drugs that will stop the itching women with ICP experience and protect the baby from the risk of
stillbirth. Your donation is vital because it could help to make a difference: the difference of life.

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