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Global Support Trust - GST is a registered charity no: 1144624. GST does not receive any Government grants and is completely funded out of the Trustees pockets and donations. We are not affiliated with any group and our objective is simply to help those in need, anywhere in the world.

At GST we believe that, that if we have the ability, then helping others should be our primary focus, and the needs of this world should take a secondary role. If we have faith, and focus our lives on fulfilling these obligations, God willing our day to day needs will be taken care of.

Our focus is ensuring that every penny you donate (and more when Gift Aided) is used for the purpose you intended. It is not just about being transparent to you the donor, or Charities Commission, it is about ultimately being answerable to Almighty God. We ensure that office costs are covered by Gift Aid and Trustees personally donate to help cover expenses.

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