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StoryStep through the doors into a world of wonder, a fantastical apothecary serving wild schemes, evil plots and kitchenware to humans and magical beings alike. Visit our Museum of Magical Artefacts, take a book from our Forgotten Library, check out our magic-o-meter and browse our full range of potions.

Caution: Human customers should be aware of side effects of our magical products, which may include hairy eyeballs, sweaty teeth and spontaneous limbo dancing.

If you are very lucky, you may get to step through a secret door, into the story of Graham Grimm, and step up the giant's bookshelves to the Writer's Pad, where the real magic happens...

Grimm & Co is a literacy charity based in the heart of Rotherham, offering free writing workshops to children and young people aged 7-18. We champion the writer in every child, raising aspirations and self belief. We build confidence, self-esteem and skills through innovative, creative writing activities with one to one support and mentoring to help young people discover their potential. We then publish the writing in a variety of ways to allow the rest of the world to experience the awe and wonder creations of our young writers. We believe in a child-led approach, where children are allowed to develop their imagination and creativity without the constraints of language, grammar and writing ‘rules’. The apothecary allows the children and young people to suspend their disbelief and enter into a world in which they can change from their mundane every day.

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