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What do we do?

Lyme Disease Action (LDA) works for everyone affected by Lyme disease: whether they are a patient with the disease, a member of the public needing to protect themselves or a health professional needing quality information. 

We are the longest standing charity in the UK working in this area, having been formed in 2003. We have made big changes to how the UK views Lyme disease, but there is much more to do!

How do we do it?

By working in our spare time. We are run entirely by volunteers who all have direct experience of the disease. We know what it is like to discover your GP or consultant is unaware of key facts. We know what it is like to search for answers and find a mountain of conflicting information, much of it biased, un-informed and just plain wrong!

LDA has neither employees nor premises. We rely entirely on donations and receive no funding from commercial sources or advertising. The information we provide is impartial and evidence based, because we know that is what is needed.

Our fundraisers are key to our work.

Why are we needed?

Because tick-borne disease is on the rise and there are many uncertainties in diagnosis and treatment. Doctors are often unaware that Lyme disease should be considered, and don't know what signs and symptoms to look for.

There is a huge amount of poor information on the web and ill people are searching desperately for solutions. We do not have all the solutions, but LDA works with government agencies, health professionals and researchers to improve the situation for everyone in the UK.

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