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We provide essential support to local charities and communities. In our 90-year history, we have helped to establish well-known charities that are still thriving today, and paved the way for many national services, including the first British community centre in Hebburn.

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Fighting for your rights’ – Connected Voice Advocacy transforms people’s lives by helping them be aware of their rights and choices, and making their voices heard. Last year, we supported over 1,400 people, including vulnerable adults; people in crisis around poverty and benefits; people affected by hate crime; and people with mental health and neurological conditions.

“I feel like I’ve gone from having nobody to having an army of guardian angels! Incredible!”

“It is the first time in five years of being unwell that I have got the help I needed”

Tackling health inequalities – why is it that in the UK, more people from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic communities have type 2 diabetes, and black African women have a mortality rate four times that of white women? Why are people seeking asylum afraid to access the healthcare they are entitled to? Connected Voice Haref seeks to address these and other issues around health inequality. We work directly with communities to learn about their needs, and talk to health services including the NHS to make recommendations for their services.

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Enabling voluntary action – The Connected Voice Support and Development team offer vital support to charities in Newcastle and Gateshead to help them set up, grow and flourish. Last year, we helped over 550 local organisations. Charities and community organisations have tremendous social and economic impact. We work hard to make sure that the impact and energy of our local voluntary sector is recognised by funders, councils, government departments and policy makers to improve our communities and help the voluntary sector thrive.


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