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SMIRA is a UK-based Registered Charity supporting families and health & education professionals involved in the upbringing of selectively mute children. Selective Mutism is a severe anxiety disorder that prevents people, usually children, speaking in certain social and/or public situations i.e. within school. Yet they are able to speak easily and freely with family or friends in environments where they feel at ease. It is considered by researchers and clinicians as an extreme form of “social phobia”. The condition can affect around 1 in 150 children but is still relatively unknown. SMIRA was set up in 1992 to raise awareness of the condition and to offer support to parents and carers of children with Selective Mutism and to provide information to professionals working with selectively mute children. SMIRA gives parents and professionals an opportunity to feel less isolated and share ideas with others who have experienced similar problems in either home, school or treatment situations. The charity is well respected both in the UK and internationally.

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