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WAYout offers free training and facilities in digital media, music, design and the arts to street and disadvantaged youth in Sierra Leone. We have worked with over 4000 young people, many are now in work, off the street or re-engaged with education, community or family.


We are fundraising to provide food and shelter for our members and their communities. Our members are some of the poorest people in the world who hustle daily for food. They cannot save up for three days supplies never mind two or three weeks. Gatherings are banned which means the places members hustle, like market places, are closed down. If the virus gets into the slums, social distancing will be impossible and it will spread at a terrifying rate. There are no social services and no free health care.

We need to provide food, shelter, medicines and good information and we are making a documentary and recording music tracks to raise awareness.

The numbers of infected are currently low but growing quickly. We have already had a 3 day lockdown and expect a two week one soon. Please help us be ready to provide these things to members and their communities. 

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