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Standing Start Trust offers grants and support to individuals with spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions who are in serious financial hardship and in need of funding for their exercise rehabilitation. 

The Trust dedicates itself to funding specialist exercise therapy for those with neurological disorders such as spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury and many other conditions. Our aim is to maximise the potential of our beneficiaries through structured rehabilitation programmes following discharge from an NHS specialist centre. 

Key components of the exercise rehabilitation include standing therapy, gait re-education, exercise conditioning, electrical stimulation, core stability training, balance and coordination, cardiovascular fitness, and weight bearing exercises. Increased funding will allow us to help more individuals to continue with their exercise regime which helps to maintain and improve levels of function, and help others who cannot afford private physiotherapy. Funds raised will also go towards research into the benefits of rehabilitation and the health and wellbeing that are associated with it. 

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