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It breaks our hearts to see people in our community hit hard by coronavirus. Even if they haven't caught the virus. Even if they never will.

  • The frail, elderly and disabled people who came to the lunch and film clubs we had to cancel for their safety, and are now in self-isolation.
  • The young people whose school or nursery has closed, and who cannot spend time with their frail, elderly relatives because of their isolation.
  • The mums and dads in between who now need to look after their children full time, as well as holding onto jobs that are increasingly insecure, or disappearing altogether.

We had to stop running every single activity we had - the music lessons, the fitness classes, the art sessions, the lunch and film clubs. Everything.

Please help us fund the new projects we've started from scratch since mid-March. The projects that will give most support to those who have least.


  • Like our local food hub, in partnership with Highgate Newtown Community Centre. Nutritious, fresh, healthy food parcels being made up each morning and home-delivered to local residents who would otherwise go without.
  • Our network of estate volunteers ('Block Reps'), helping individual residents by collecting prescriptions, braving the supermarkets for shopping, or just having a chat (which sadly can only be by phone, not face to face). To be extra safe, we need to buy them all the gloves, sanitiser and protection they need.
  • The community centre's recovery. Our income from lunch clubs, music and art lessons, fitness classes and more is now zero. When we get up and running, we need to hit the ground running - for our community's sake.


We are grateful for anything you are able to give.



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