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Fifth Sense is the charity for people affected by smell and taste disorders. 

Our vision is to transform society's understanding of the senses of smell and taste, and through doing so, transform the lives of those affected by smell and taste disorders. 

Smell and taste disorders, the most common being anosmia, the loss or lack of the sense of smell, are invisible conditions that have a huge impact on the lives of those affected.  Research undertaken amongst our beneficiaries by Fifth Sense in 2013 showed that:

  • 92% said their enjoyment of food and drink had been affected 
  • 43% have suffered from depression or anxiety
  • 54% have experienced difficulties in their relationships with family, friends or partners
  • 85% are afraid of being exposed to dangers such as gas or spoiled food

We provide support, information and a signpost to potential diagnosis and treatment. We play a leading role in educating society on the importance of smell and taste to our lives, and the impact of smell and taste disorders.  We also support, promote and facilitate research into such conditions.

How your donation will help

Building a strong, mutually supportive community for our beneficiaries is a key aspect of our work and we're being supported in this from 2020-22 by the National Lottery Community Fund.

Your donation will support us as we grow our reach and deliver more activities and initiatives that benefit members of our community and raise awareness of the importance of smell and taste to our lives.    

Thank you very much for your support of our charity, cause and community.  For more information on our work visit 

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