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Spinning The Moon


Spinning the Moon is a compelling new community play based on documents provided by the DCPA Research Group.

Set in the early 16th century, the play, like Shakespeare’s history plays, has taken a sense of what was happening in Dorset and across the country, over a fifty year period and has conflated those happenings to create a work of dramatic fiction.

Central to the action are the Trenchard family, who lived at Wolfeton House on the outskirts of Dorchester. The Trenchards are desperately trying to stop their home, and the people who work their land, from spinning towards economic collapse and ruining the lives of all who depend on the estate for their livelihoods. But the advice they take from a monk leaves their community fractured to the point of violent disintegration.

Characters in the play include: the Trenchard family, farmers, shepherds and their families, the Queen of Spain and her entourage and the cunning women who live in the hills.

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