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The Save Me Trust gives wild animals a voice.

Our projects work to end the misery and suffering of the animals - such as badgers - a protected species in Britain being culled in their 10’s of thousands by the British Government in a flawed attempt to eradicate the pernicious disease BovineTB from cattle herds. Badger culling has been proven inhumane and ineffective. Save Me is working to eradicate BovineTB at its source - in cattle herds - where it lies latent, undetected by current testing methods allowing infectious cattle to infect the herd (and other species such as badgers) time and time again. 

Save Me works to end the hunting of wild animals with packs of dogs. It’s been illegal in the UK since 2005 - but it continues under the thinly veneered disguise of ‘Trail hunting’ . We remain vigilant and committed to ending hunting wild animals with packs of dogs and consigning it to the history books - Forever.

Save Me works to protect flora and fauna for future generations with our large woodlands based estates that are ‘forever homes’ for wildlife. These woodlands are managed sensitively to encourage biodiversity and native species of both animals and plants - creating sustainable habitats and safe living areas for our native species.

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