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Feba is all about the creative use of radio and other audio media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

We work with partners across Africa, Asia and the Middle East with a particular focus on contexts that are ‘closed’ or where it is difficult to be a Christian. The broadcast material is always contextually relevant and appropriate, addressing the interests and needs of local listeners; team members seek to engage and build relationship with listeners through various follow-up channels. Wherever possible, we seek to support the work of the local church.

Radio can be powerful and personal, with messages broadcast in someone’s ‘heart language’ reaching behind closed doors. Radio can convey messages of hope, inspiration and love, as well as sharing new ideas, challenging assumptions, or promoting different behaviours. Programmes can be life-changing in all sorts of ways, and by the work of the Holy Spirit they can be truly life-giving too.

Applying a Christian worldview or lens to wide-ranging topics and material at a local level, our partners can help make the gospel message relevant and accessible to their audience, and signpost God’s Kingdom. It’s not always possible or appropriate to proclaim the Christian message overtly, but our underlying motivation and desire is always for Feba’s ministry to help introduce listeners to the good news of Jesus Christ.

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