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Gurjar Hindu Union – Indian Charity in the UK
Date organisation established : 1 September 1968

The Gurjar Hindu Union (GHU) is a 50 years old established minority ethnic led charitable organisation serving Crawley, a town based in the South East of England, near Gatwick Airport.

GHU is a volunteer-led charity which has established itself as a well-run, sustainable organisation serving not only 5,000 Indian population but wider public and institutions of Crawley.

Through prudent financial management and funds raised from the community, GHU constructed a very modern, ornate and purpose-built facility with a Temple and a large Community Centre with a capacity 1,000 capacity people. The Centre has 250 parking spaces on a 2.9 acres ground known as Apple Tree Centre. The cost to build the Centre was £3.6 million. The funding was made by the local and wider Hindu Community. Of the original £3.6 million loan from the Bank through good financial planning, a fundraising plan and a lot of hard by the Committee and volunteers, currently, we owe the Bank £900,000. Please visit for more information about GHU.

GHU offers a range of activities including music, dance, yoga, badminton, football, volleyball, day care center, drop-in center, Zumba dancing, wellbeing class and celebration of 30 Hindu festivals per year.

GHU achievements

· 1968: GHU was formed by first generation Indians from East Africa and the Indian Subcontinent.

· 1989: GHU’s First Constitution was approved.

· 1992: GHU hosted ‘Ram Katha’ by Pujya Morari Bapu. Over 5,000 people attended every day for 9 days and 20,000 on weekends.

· 1992 to 1998: GHU continued to make progress, held three events per year, organised music and language classes and kept unity in Hindu community

· 1998: GHU purchased a disused warehouse in Spencer Road and converted it into a temporary temple community centre.

· 2001: Planning permission was granted by Crawley Borough Council at Apple Tree Farm to build Sanatan Mandir and Community Centre.

· 2002: GHU acquired Apple Tree Farm site, a 2.9 acre site close to Crawley Town centre.

· 2003: ‘Bhumi Pujan’ (land purification) ceremony was performed at Apple Tree Farm.

· 2004: ‘Shilanyas’ (ground-breaking) ceremony was performed at Apple Tree Farm.

· 2007: GHU hosted ‘Ram Katha’ by Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza. (Crawley experienced the highest rail fall in history during the Katha)

· 2007: Start of SMCC construction.

· Autumn 2009: Completion of Dhamecha Suite, Apple Tree Centre.

· Autumn 2009: GHU hosted ‘Shrimad Bhagavat Gyan Yagna’ by Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza

· May 2010: Completion of SMCC, fondly renamed Apple Tree Centre.

· 2010 to 2015: GHU continued to make progress, held thirty events per year, started to organise 12 activities at the Centre

· May 2015: Fifth Anniversary since opening was held. Many religious and social programmes were held. His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester visited Apple Tree Centre on 14 October 2015.

· 2016: GHU restructured and three key Trustees, positions were established. 12 activities at the Centre were delegated to team leaders and volunteers

· 2017: Plans were drawn to build priest’s quarter, storage room (Phase I) and dining room (Phase II) . Planning permission for were obtained from CBC. Phase I work was started.

· 2018: Phase I was completed

· 2019: Ramnik Sastri returned after 10 years and took residence in newly built quarter

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