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Sick & Retired Clergy Fund Appeal

The Archdiocese of Cardiff is blessed by retired clergy who remain active in or around the parishes in which they have retired. 

They do far more than simply act as a spare pair of hands. It would not be possible to sustain the richness of our life as a church without them.

The Sick & Retired Clergy Fund ensures that priests enjoy a dignified retirement. It supports independent living providing them with a suitable home alongside other services. Above all, it makes certain that their social and health care needs are met.

Over the next 10 years just under half of all diocesan priests will reach the retirement age of 75. The cost of care will rise dramatically as a result. But with your help, we will keep the promise and show our gratitude. 

How can I help?

From here you can donate to the Sick & Retired Clergy Fund. Alternatively, you can donate in your parish where gift aid envelopes are available. We are very grateful for your support. 

If you want to learn more why not connect with the Archdiocese of Cardiff on Facebook, Twitter or contact our fundraising team via the Website

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