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Archbishop's House,41-43 Cathedral Road
Cardiff,S. Wales
CF11 9HD


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The Archdiocese of Cardiff is blessed by generous people who support the work of the Church 

Your donation makes a huge difference to the life of our Church. But why are general donations so very important? They allows the Archdiocese to give support where the need is greatest and can have the biggest impact. Unrestricted giving best supports the mission of our diocese.

Whether it's paying for emergency repairs to church buildings, or funding outreach work in the community, the flexibility of these donations allow the diocese to react to situations as they arise.

For over a century the immense generosity of the faithful has allowed the Archdiocese of Cardiff to grow and thrive in this way. Thank you.

How can I help?

From here you can donate to the Archdiocese of Cardiff. Alternatively, you can donate in your parish where we are always grateful for your support. 

If you want to learn more why not connect with the Archdiocese of Cardiff on FacebookTwitter or contact our fundraising team via the Website

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