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Lyme Disease UK is a registered charity providing patient support and raising awareness of Lyme diease. Our mission is to make people aware of the dangers of tick bites and to reduce the number of UK residents facing the devastating consequences of being misdiagnosed and untreated for Lyme disease. The charity is run entirely by volunteers whose lives have been touched by Lyme in some way. 

We are the largest patient support network in the UK with over 10,000 members in our Online Community on Facebook. We are stakeholders in the NICE Lyme disease guideline and we have also been involved in other processes as stakeholders, including the independent government reviews on Lyme disease. Our charity is also listed as a resource on the NICE website as well as the RCGP website.

Our Goals are to Ensure That:

Every UK household is aware of the risk of tick bites and symptoms of Lyme disease and that people understand how best to protect themselves by using effective prevention methods.

Support is provided to all UK residents who have been recently bitten by ticks as well as to those already suffering with Lyme disease.

All front line medical staff in the UK are aware of Lyme disease and that at least one doctor in each medical team has completed the RCGP online course on Lyme disease. All medical staff should also be aware of the NICE guideline and RCGP toolkit.

The public are aware of the NICE Lyme disease guideline and the recommended treatment as well the guideline’s limitations due to large gaps in research and the evidence base on which the guideline was built.

We Do This By:

Delivering our annual awareness campaign - ‘Wake Up to Lyme’

Providing leaflets and guides for those bitten or diagnosed with Lyme disease

Running an Online Community for patient support

Attending relevant events on the subject of Lyme disease to raise the profile of the illness and the charity and to further our knowledge of the illness.

Collaborating with other national and international charities as well as seizing opportunities to work with NHS trusts and other official bodies to improve the situation for Lyme disease sufferers.

Hosting events to raise awareness of Lyme disease and to provide support to sufferers.

Interviewing international Lyme disease experts to bring knowledge from around the world to our Community.

Publicising meetups so that fellow sufferers can get together in their local areas to support each other.

Thank you in advance for any support you can give us!


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