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  Shree Limbachia Federation in UK are association of communities migrated from around the world during sixties and seventies. The origins of these communities are from various part of India with some already established in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. These are communities of barbers and hairdressers, specialising also into stress relieving and body wellbeing.

In England there are over 8 communities from North, Midlands and South of the country. The aim of the Federation is to unite all these communities as one voice, to organise activities and forums for young and old. In 1984, Limbachia communities from London, Leicester and Coventry got together to establish the Federation and since then it has steadily grown with affiliation of 8 communities.

Since its establishment in 1984, Federation has held many events which includes:

Sammelans (Federation Summit of all members) held so far:

1985 – 1st get together at De Mont Hall, Leicester

1988 – Sammelan at Coventry

1990 – Sammelan at Dunstable

1994 – Sammelan at Watford Town Hall

1997 – Sammelan Coventry

2001 – Sammelan at Bedworth

2009 -  Sammelan at Birmingham – Launch of Building Project- Mandir

2018 – Sammelan at Leicester

Sammelan programme – stage items performed by our community children, Education awards, raffle, play from Watford Mandir – Ram Janma, Executive Committee awards, Coventry Mayor visits, Lord Navnitlal Dholakia 0BE, VIP’s from India and Canada. Attendances at Sammelan has been between 1500 to 2000 Limbachia Members.

Federation has also organised four Sathi Sammelans (matrimonial events) attracting individuals searching for lifelong partners of which we have been honoured to attend few marriages.

 For our youths, we have held regular sports activities of 5 a side football for the last 5 years. Football competitions held in Leicester, Coventry and Birmingham cities in rotations.

In addition to sports we held 2 Sharad Poonam ras-garbas in Leicester and Loughborough towns.

For our elder members we have honoured members over the age of 80 with shawl.

In 2009 we celebrated Federations 25th Anniversary at Portcullis House, House of Commons with the help of Lord Navnitlal Dholakia OBE!

Having established ourselves and managed our history as above, Federation then embarked on a major task of putting an official residence in UK. In 2008, decision was taken to organise fund raising committee (2 from each town) to form Federation’s Building Committee. Its sole purpose is to do fundraising and acquire a permanent residence.

In 2012, Federation held Shree Devi Bhagwat Katha in Leicester where it managed to raise over £20,000.00. This was followed by Shree Krishna Katha in London and visited members around UK to raise funds. In 2020 we found a place in Leicester valued at £480,000 and would very much like to dedicate it as our Limbach Mata Mandir and Community Centre.

Federation Building Committee has raised over £100,000.00 so far, and to aim to raised £480,000.00 as quickly as possible with your help. We desperately need your support by donating towards this good cause. Please help us and donate as much as you can for Our Limbach Mata Mandir and Community Centre.

Every little helps!

Thank you for your consideration and stay safe.

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