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EducAid is a UK-registered charity established in 1995 to restore and strengthen education during and in the aftermath of Sierra Leone’s devastating civil war. We believe in the power of values-based education to consistently chip away at poverty and the challenges standing in the way of a democratic, dignified and globally-engaged Sierra Leone.

We do this in 4 ways:

1. Running Schools EducAid provides free, high-quality education to 700 of Sierra Leone’s most vulnerable and underprivileged children and young people within our five model schools. The effectiveness of EducAid’s student-centred approach to education is demonstrated by the fact that, despite many of our students coming from turbulent backgrounds, they regularly achieve some of the best exam results in Sierra Leone.

2. Training Teachers EducAid recently (2019) completed a four-year, teacher training programme within 100 partner schools with transformational results (please do ask us for the independent evaluation of this programme). This programme, which the EU recognised as “one of its most effective programmes in the country” is being expanded to six districts and will be closely monitored by the Department for Science, Technology & Innovation for scaling to unlock the potential of children in primary schools across Sierra Leone.

3. Equality Programmes EducAid works to increase the safety, enrolment, retention and achievement of girls and young women at every level with innovative programmes: The Women’s Project, Maronka Girls Safe House, Girl Power Groups and White Ribbon Campaigns.

4. Degree Course with the University of Makeni EducAid runs a tertiary-level degree course with the University of Makeni Department of Business Administration & Management.

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