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It is intended that the All Star Youth Tennis Scholarship Trust will benefit many young people connected to the borough of Wandsworth showing significant promise in their ability to play tennis without sufficient parental financial means to take it to a higher level without the help of the Trust. The Trust is currently focusing on high performance training sessions with leading coaches for our most promising prospects. In 2016, the trustees are concentrating our resources on the coaching and development of five children that we have identified as being particularly suitable to be beneficiaries of the Trust. All these children have shown high levels of ability and a strong desire to be champions. The Trust has for some years managed a Schools Outreach and Development Program for local school children in Wandsworth. The support of the Trust has been instrumental in enabling free taster sessions and talent identification to take place and given the potential for talented children to be fed into the development community squad sessions run by All Star Tennis across the Borough. In 2015, the Trust initiated a pilot project with Swaffield School that ran run for the winter term. The Trust contributes to half of the cost of the sessions (coach fee) and the school pays the other half. The program is focused on children that could not afford to attend after schools clubs and is held at breakfast time. In 2016, we have expanded our programs and therefore there is an ongoing need for financing.

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