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CCE RA - Voluntary Organisation supporting epidemiological research into the causes of Childhood Cancers.


Mroe than 1,000,000 children of the world develop cancer each year. Millions of children are in care but not all survive.


Why in my brain?
It caused me so much pain.
Why in my head?
Perhaps somewhere else instead.
Why in my brain?
We tried a fluid drain.

I just want to walk like you.
I’ve had enough now, haven’t you too?

Poem from Sophie Pollock (14yrs) who lost her battle with cancer in 2007.

Montys Corner - Community Project -

Community support site providing complementary (non-medical) therapies and practical guidance for children going through cancer treatments and their parents.

CCE RA is run by volunteers only, meaning that no one is paid.

CCE RA Volunteers Voice - We would like to be sponsored - it is not different than running a marathon - sponsor us for our work because we are committing our brains and time every day to make a difference.

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