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The Children' s Leukaemia Society is a small but valuable Charity based in Cardiff, run only by Volunteers. We do not have any paid staff. We support children up to the age of 18yrs who have been diagnosed with Leukaemia or other forms of childhood Cancers.

As soon as a child has been diagnosed the hospital inform us and we provide a 'Cheer up' gift whilst they are undergoing treatment which is often chemotherapy.

Once treatment is over we give the whole family a much needed holiday in one of our Holiday Homes at Kiln Park in Tenby. Sometimes this is the first opportunity the Family  has  of spending quality time together away from a hospital environment. This can also be positive for their siblings as they suffer as well, through lack of contact.

How is 6 year old Poppy-Louise de Keyser helping us - see here 

To see how can you 'Help Save Our Holiday Homes' and stay at one of our Kiln Park Holiday Homes just click here 

Ethan Chichester is also raising funds for our Charity.  Ethan has gone through the trauma of Leukaemia twice and he is a supporter of our small but essential Charity.  His Mum recently wrote, 'This small Charity supported our family at the most difficult times.' You can find Ethan's Fundraising page at

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