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ChinaNext Foundation supports effective young NGO leaders in China.

We do this to help the growth of civil society in the world's most populous and fastest growing economy. Helping the young leaders behind the nascent voluntary sector in China, in our view, is the most effective way.

As such, within the remit of existing law, ChinaNext Foundation aids, supports and trains individual leaders in China's voluntary sector, helps their projects, and develops awareness and skills necessary in the next generation Chinese citizens. In the process, we provide ample opportunities for the younger generation in the UK to participate in what is set to be one of the greatest social transformations in the human history.

We are agnostic about the exact charitable cause but rather focused on developing the awareness and action capabilities of the Chinese voluntary sector, an essential part of a civil society.

For that end, we also host a series of events to encourage the exchange of ideas and best practices between the UK and Chinese voluntary sectors and on constant look for bright minds who are able to see what we see as the an unprecedented opportunity to make an impact in the world's most populous country.


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