Consortium Of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender Voluntary And Community Organisations

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LGBT Consortium exists to see a proactive and collaborative LGBT Voluntary and Community Sector...

...when you support us, you support LGBT groups across the UK

We are the largest network of LGBT groups & organisations with Members from across the United Kingdom, with a focus on helping local LGBT initiatives so they can support individuals in need and promote LGBT awareness in their local areas. Our Members range from the largest in the sector (e.g. Stonewall, The Lesbian & Gay Foundation, Albert Kennedy Trust) through to local organisations (e.g. Exeter Pride, Lancashire LGBT, The Kite Trust, Brum Bi Group).To see more about the Impact we have for the sector, check out this link.

We focus our work into three core areas:

Membership & Engagement


  • Support and benefit our Members to thrive and grow
  • Reflect the changing envionment of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in our membership offering
  • To be a broker of collaboration opportunities beyond the UK for our MembersTo support our Members' long term sustainability

Voice & Communication

  • Listen and consult with our Members and ensure their voices are heard
  • To improve awareness of diversity within the sector and visibility to the wider communityTo be an effective broker between our Members, decisions makers and influencers
  • To have a working model of collaboration within the sector and between our Members and decisions makers

Collaboration & Networks

  • Lead the sector in sustainable ways of working
  • To nurture current partnerships and to build on their success to shape model of good practice
  • Diversify and grow income streams to the sector
  • Identify remaining gaps in the sector to fully meet its needs

We provide organisations with support on:

  • Finding and applying for funding
  • Looking at the best possible ways of supporting people locally
  • Helping groups come together to support more people and share ideas
  • Raising their profile with the media and local authorities
  • ...and much, much more!

There is no other organisation like us and we want to see more LGBT social action develop so every LGBT person in the country can access the services they want, where they want and at the level they need.

However, we can't provide this support without generous donations from people around the country. All monies we raise go into providing direct support to LGBT groups and helping raise the voice of LGBT communities.

We may have the laws that protect us, but the work towards a fair and equal society still has a long way to go. LGBT young people need more support from schools, older LGBT people need better care systems and LGBT workers need employers who understand our communities...we are here to help make that happen.

Thank you to everyone who makes a one off donation or who runs a race for us or who fundraises in any other way!

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