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Cry in the Dark help children and young people marginalised by poverty, sickness or disability in these ways. Residential care for children and young adults with special needs Training of local community nurses in palliative care Community-based hospice and palliative care services Education about health and HIV/Aids delivered for and in the community by CITD’s trained local community nurses in schools, community centres and workplaces Advocacy for unrepresented children and their families to ensure they have a voice and receive the appropriate medical/social care and support that they are entitled to Provision of services to other organisations working with vulnerable children and young people, such as project management, support, material and financial resources Partnering with other organisations working with vulnerable children and young people.

We proud to announce that our Romanian arm Asociatia Lumina has secured some funding to build the first ever dedicated inpatient Hospice for Children in the whole of Romania. This although based in Bacau county it will become a regional Hospice helping children and families from the surrounding counties.

We ohpe its doors will open in the spring of 2017! 

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