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Ealing Law Centre helps people living in Ealing and the surrounding boroughs who need legal advice and/or representation on housing, welfare rights, debt or immigration issues, and who cannot afford to pay for the help they need. We provide a FREE legal advice for people threatened with homelessness, destitution, or removal from the UK .

We need your help to provide free legal services for persons who are facing homelessness, eviction, welfare cuts, difficulties accessing benefits or are being unlawfully removed from the UK.

We exist to challenge disadvantage, poverty and exclusion through the provision of expert legal services free of charge.

We provide the Court Duty Repossession Helpdesk at Brentford County Court.

Our staff negotiate with landlords, housing authorities, welfare benefits agencies and others, help clients to apply for Discretionary Housing Payments and to pursue appeals against adverse benefits decisions including: ESA/PIP disability-related requests for mandatory reconsideration, JSA sanctions, Housing Benefit and tax credit determinations; where necessary, they represent clients at tribunals or in court.

Our Crisis Navigator works as part of the Anti-Poverty Unit on the Ealing Help through Crisis Project. We attend Ealing foodbank and County Court on Duty days to provide immediate support and assistance and to help solve the situation which is causing the hardship, and then to go on to work on improving the situation with the client in the longer term.

The main focus of our work is on helping people with problems which are “out of scope” for Legal Aid (such as all Housing Benefit issues), or where an individual’s low/fluctuating income means that claiming Legal Aid is effectively impossible.

We hope you will help us continue this work by making a generous donation.

Thank you for your support.

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