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Our mission is to save and improve lives of individuals with anorexia nervosa and their families by:

  • Educating society about the condition of anorexia nervosa and its early phase where intervention can be most effective.
  • Empowering families towards effective intervention through guidance and clear information.
  • Building a network of early intervention centers using arts to aid recovery and self discovery.

Our message is that anorexia nervosa (AN) is a condition a person is genetically predisposed to have.  It  is triggered by weight loss which, in turn, can be initiated by a variety of factors.

It is neither a lifestyle choice nor a condition that can be afflicted by families or society.

Scientific research has proven that AN has genetic components. This understanding is essential for two main reasons:

  • It removes the misplaced guilt often experienced by people suffering from AN as well as family, who often feel that they have done something wrong.
  • It encourages Early Intervention this often makes the difference between full recovery and a possible death.

The AN process is well understood: while most people can afford to diet and lose weight throughout their lives, individuals predisposed with AN need to realize that weight loss may result in an out-of-control psychobiological spiral, leading to even further weight loss.

The possible implications of this weight loss should be realised and acepted by sufferers, family and friends who should also celebrate the high achieving personality traits and sensitive nature often associated with those predisposed to AN.

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