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Eudaimonia was established with the objectives to develop sustainable social business solutions to address the cycle of poor health, unemployment and poverty that significantly impact on the development and resilience of individuals and communities. Eudaimonia is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation that runs the Super Kitchen and Big Sky Cinema Projects in the UK and the Hakuna Matata Inklusive Project in Kenya where we support Women's Groups and have our own school, farm and livestock.  The Super Kitchen model simply takes surplus from the food industry and local growers to develop locally rooted micro community enterprises, who in turn, develop social eating activities, based on their knowldege of local need and offer volunteering and training opportunities where people can come together, cook and eat together, learn about food, nutrition and health in their local communities and develop services that address food poverty, poor health and social isolation whilst improving inclusivity, health & wellbeing and community cohesion nourishing the whole person rather than merely giving them a hand out and sending them home.  Our Big Sky Cinema Project offers outstanding immersive big screen experiences wherever you want them and Super Kitchen Catering can handle everything from small buffets to weddings and festivals with food freshly cooked on our big catering trucks. All of our projects support training and employment opportunities for those identified as disadvantaged in the labour market. Eudaimonia is an organisation tuned not just to make great food, but to have real relationships, to laser-lock on delivering top notch customer satisfaction and to do all the above in ways that matter, count, last, endure, inspire, amaze, and delight - and to do it habitually, consistently, and repeatedly.

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