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Evesham Abbey Trust aims to conserve, preserve and improve for the public benefit the natural and man-made heritage contained within the site and environs of Evesham Abbey, Evesham, Worcestershire.

The site of Evesham Abbey is a special, ancient, sacred site. According to the Legend of Evesham, this is where St Egwin saw a vision of the Virgin Mary and founded an abbey in her name (c.700AD). There may have been an earlier British church on the site, before St Egwin built his Anglo-Saxon minster. Over the next 750 years the abbey struggled, survived and grew.

Simon de Montfort, called the grandfather of parliamentary democracy, was buried at the abbey following the slaughter of the Battle of Evesham (1265). In 1540 the abbey was dissolved by command of King Henry VIII. Since then the site has been used for private gardens and allotments.

Evesham Abbey is an extraordinary place rich in history. The trust aims to take on the site, research and investigate its history, extensively repair the fabric, promote a wide-range of public activities, and transform the space into a series of public gardens inspired by the long-lost abbey.

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