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The 2.6 Challenge

Thousands of fundraising events across the UK have been cancelled due to Covid-19 with a devastating impact on charity income.  In response, the organisers of the biggest mass-participation events across the country have come together to create a new campaign to raise vital funds to help save the UK’s charities.

The campaign, The 2.6 Challenge, will launch on Sunday 26 April – what should have been the date of the 40th edition of the London Marathon.

The 2.6 Challenge can be anything you like from walking, running or cycling 2.6 miles, 2.6 km or for 26 minutes. Or you could hop/skip round your garden 26 times, go up and down the stairs 26 times, do 26 press ups, flip 26 pancakes, get 26 people on a video call and do a 26 minute workout or juggle for 2.6 minutes – to name but a few ideas.


We would ask local people to get active, have fun and raise money for Healthy n Happy, so we can continue to support those most in need in our communities during these uncertain times.   If you just want to donate directly please use the 'Make a Donation' button on the right hand side of this page.  If you would like to set up your own fundraising page please use the 'Start Fundraising' Button. 

Why Support Healthy n Happy?

We are Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust, an award winning charity and community owned organisation governed by local people, where all of our work is directed by local priorities.

We support and enable people to make positive changes in their lives and their community. From building confidence and self-esteem, to boosting skills and relationships, to getting more involved in their local neighbourhood and becoming more responsible for their own health and wellbeing. 

Our activites and programmes include volunteering, mental health, stress management and family support, healthy living and social activities, anti-stigma campaigning, community capacity building and local activism.

We also operate:

  • CamGlen Radio - a community radio station which broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
  • Bike Town - our cycling hub that aims to get everyone cycling
  • Number 18, a local community venue which promotes health and wellbeing and social cohesion.

From local residents working towards positive changes in their neighbourhood, to DJs on CamGlen Radio, volunteers are key to Healthy n Happy's strategy. We have 245 volunteers who helped us to engage with more than 7000 people last year.

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