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Home Straight is a central London non-profit organisation that was launched in 2011 to teach health and fitness to people who have found themselves homeless, marginalised, or suffer from substance misuse addictions by engaging them in a running community to build confidence, strength and self-esteem. We work with Turning Point and other hostels when they refer new members to us.

The club is run by the members for the members, assisted by volunteers. We meet several times a week in the parks of central London for free training sessions focusing on running drills, running technique and endurance. The goal is primarily to get members fit for races and events, but fundamentally Home Straight offers much more than that...- It is a source of supportive camaraderie which gives members a new focus through the discipline of physical training.

Members often have poor support structures, struggle to find work, and suffer from isolation. Boredom and loneliness are extremely risky for people recovering from mental illness and addiction. Home Straight gives participants a reason to get up in the morning It provides social support outside the training.

The sense of achievement felt by those who join can be life-changing.

In summary, Home Straight gives hope, structure and purpose to disadvantaged people, helping to improve confidence and self esteem, diet and health. It enables people to get together and bond by exercising in the open air. It changes people’s lives for the better, enabling them to get healthy and giving them the confidence to get into education, training and employment.

Finally - we are funded by public donations and fundraisers, and we are working with a London university to undertake research on the effectiveness of the program.

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