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The Lola Commons fund for SiMBA was established in 2013 and the main aim of the fund is to redecorate and refurbish hospital rooms to convert them into beautiful family rooms.

Lisa Haugue, SiMBA Ambassador and Fiancee Kris Commons daughter Lola was stillborn in 2008. Sadly they never spent time with Lola not getting the chance to create memories, one of their biggest regrets. 

The main aim of the fund is to support Family room projects and provide the vital equipment within the rooms including Cuddle Cots, Camera equipment, fold down beds for partners to stay.

As a charity we work with the team in each ward/maternity area to design a bespoke room and together we can provide a comfortable space for parents to spend time with their baby creating the most precious memories.

To find out about the projects we have worked on so far and for our future plans click on this link

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