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Hello and welcome to the Virgin Money Giving account for Miracles.

  For the last 25 years Miracles has provided a vital service to those in abject poverty with the added burden of a child or children diagnosed with a serious health problem.

Miracles’ work is growing as its reputation spreads amongst the children’s hospitals throughout the country whose Social Workers turn to Miracles when there is no other help source available.

Here’s How Miracles Works

Miracles’ Rapid Response Crisis Funding:          

Miracles pledge is to respond to urgent cases within 24-hours with no delays for form filling etc. Grants cover a broad spectrum of issues from hospital travel to specialised equipment; through the funding of food and clothing, to helping to halt evictions and reconnecting essential household facilities.  With the current stringent cuts in welfare benefits, more and more  families are turning to Miracles as their only means of survival. We also provide special treats for the many siblings who tend to get overlooked when a brother or sister is critically ill. 

Miracles’ Respite Breaks:

For families with severely sick and disabled children undergoing or recovering from hospital treatment, Miracles provides Respite Breaks in its two caravans (one specially equipped for the disabled) situated on the Bunn Leisure Holiday Complex in Selsey, West Sussex.   Miracles provides the caravans free of charge with all the holiday facilities on-site, plus welfare grants for travel, food and even a bit of spending money.  Such breaks are incredibly healing—a fact that is endorsed by the hospital staff who frequently refer to their post break patients as ‘a real miracle’


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