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Mylo’s Fund provides grants to families who have experienced a stillbirth (from 16 weeks gestation) or a neonatal death. We are currently running two grant schemes. The first supports parents by covering the cost of a fully funded headstones for their baby. The second enables parents to apply for private bonding scans during subsequent pregnancies.

As a charity, we want to make a difference to families who have been rocked by stillbirth. It goes without saying that when you lose a baby, you also lose a piece of your heart. But there are many other factors that affect you as a family during this time. Like many other grieving families, our financial situation suffered due to loss of earnings during the early weeks and months. Suddenly, you are no longer considering the costs of pushchairs and baby grows, but instead the costs of headstones and memorials for your baby. These costs can be mammoth, and of course completely unexpected. This, teamed with loss of earnings due to grief can leave parents feeling unable to mark their baby’s existence in the way they would like to. This in itself can be utterly heart breaking.

After experiencing stillbirth or neonatal death, a subsequent pregnancy can be absolutely terrifying. Parents often find themselves making many trips to hospital for extra reassurance scans, monitoring and consultant appointments. Parents often find that bonding with their unborn baby can prove difficult due to anxiety and fear. Private scan clinics are more accessible, often have better availability, and allow special moments to bond with your unborn baby. But, of course these come at a cost.

This is where we hope Mylo’s Fund can help. If you would like to know more about our headstone grant, or our bonding scans grant, please contact us or see the ‘grant applications’ section of our website for further information.

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