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Support older people in your community and know you are making a difference!

Opening Doors London is here to let all older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, in London and beyond, know they’re not alone.  

"These days, young gay people are encouraged to be open about their sexuality. Older ones, particularly those who don’t have a partner, can find it difficult to share in the new freedom. They are no longer criminalised, but this doesn’t mean that they are free from discrimination in public places. Some are understandably still fearful of verbal and physical abuse. This is what makes Opening Doors so vital for those it reaches. It’s an initiative which needs to be spread across London, and then the rest of the country, wherever older gay people feel isolated”                       

 Sir Ian McKellan

Did you know that LGBT older people are twice as likely to live alone as their heterosexual peers and are 3 times more likely to have suffered mental health problems? Feelings of isolation and discrimination are commonly felt by older LGBT people, particularly those receiving care, be it residential or in the community. Care providers rarely acknowledge the existence of non-heterosexual service users and most do not train their staff appropriately to deal with these issues. This is where Opening Doors London is trying to fill the void in support for LGBT people in the community.

As well as offering a wide range of social opportunities, Opening Doors London is committed to working with mainstream service providers to ensure that they understand the needs and experience of older LGBT* people so that they are providing appropriate services.

Friends of Opening Doors London

Support older people in your community and know you are making a difference!

£10 a month will ensure an older less tech-savy members get ODL newsletter  by post each month

 £25 a month will mean that we can continue to support our wonderful volunteers

 £50 a month will enable us provide high quality training and support for our volunteer Ambassadors so that they can give talks and provide training and awareness raising within mainstream organisations

 £100 a month will provide  volunteer Befrienders to spend time with a more isolated and lonely LGBT* older person 

 £150 a month means tha we can provide social opportunities where older LGBT* can meet new people, have fun, and develop their social networks.

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