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The Pekbeken Ali Foundation was set up to help poor and disadvantaged children and families in bangladesh. We assist with access to clean drinking water, blankets, housing and education. We also have a policy of helping individuals sustain their families through access to decent education and by provision of means to earn a regular income.

Bangladesh currently suffers from a high level of illiteracy with around half of the population being able to read and write. In remote or rural areas, access to basic primary school education is scarce and even when this is available; most children have to suffer inadequate shelters in which schooling takes place. PAF looks to create schools where there is a requirement and to replace buildings made of tin which fail to provide a place conducive to a great studying environment. We look to achieve this goal by raising money to build schools through projects such as 3 Peaks and Mount Kilimanjaro Challenges where our team members fund the trips personally and donate 100% of the money they have raised to the charity.  

In 2012 PAF managed to raise over £2,500 when a team of seven climbers completed the 3 Peaks Challenge. This money has part funded the building of a school in the village of Nazirow gow in  Sylhet region, Bangladesh . The school is currently under construction with the foundation stone laid on 14th January 2013 during a ceremony attended by a local MP (name).

The current tin structure is being replaced by a brick building and will house up to 120 school children with a total of 8 teachers providing morning and afternoon classroom shifts in a secure and safe environment. All classrooms will be kitted out with desks and chairs and the school will potentially hold a small library. As well as providing clean, hygienic and well-constructed classrooms, we aim to ensure clean drinking water and sanitation facilities are available at the school, in order to help improve the health of the children. The school is due to be completed and officially opened on the 29th March 2013 by the founder Mohammed Ali.

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